IPSC target – brown/no shoot


We are pleased that as a Pro Shooters company we can offer our own double-sided paper IPSC target, manufactured in the Czech Republic. The target is cut by a laser beam, the only one of its kind in Europe. Quality cardboard paper is used for production.

Package contains 50 pcs.

Above the limit of 50 pieces, please contact us for individual shipping and target prices.

Dostupnost: Skladem


Thanks to the laser, the perforations can be seen on both sides equally, so you can use it as a „No Shoot“ target, but also as a main target especially at competitions where white targets are used because of the surrounding landscape. Considering the price of the individual targets (brown, white), where the perforation is only visible from one side, the cost savings are also an advantage.

Hmotnost 18 kg


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