LOK Grips Walther Q5 / Q4 Match SF Thin Bogies Black

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Lok Grips is a company that manufactures non-contact cutlery in the USA that is distributed all over the world. Its founder is former aerospace engineer and weapons enthusiast Jayson Dekmar. Due to his experience with CNC machining, these are very high quality products and we are happy to be the official Lok Grips dealer in the Czech Republic.

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Weapon: Walther Q5/Q4 SF
Shape: Thin
Texture: Bogies
Colour: Black / black

What are the differences in the different textures of LOK Grips?

The most aggressive LOK grips texture with dimples. For some, this texture may be too aggressive. Very popular with IPSC, IDPA sport shooters.

Very aggressive. One degree less aggressive than the Boggies. The grooves on these handles are large and sharp.

Medium aggressive texture with abstract design.

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